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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rocky Students to Present at 4th Annual Dartmouth Student Forum on Global Learning

On Monday, January 21st, the 4th Annual Student Forum on Global Learning, co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Center, will take place as part of Dartmouth’s celebration of MLK Day. Many students presenting at the have been involved in Rockefeller Center programs.

For more information about the Student Forum on Global Learning, including the complete schedule of presentations, click here.

Two current Rockefeller Leadership Fellows, Mahmud Johnson ’13 and Sarah-Marie Hopf ’13, will present at the Student Forum. Johnson also participated in Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) during Spring 2011 and was a Rockefeller Center-funded intern in the Summer of 2011. Hopf participated in MLDP during Fall 2010.

Many other presenters are also past participants of MLDP.  Jeff Wilson ’13, Miriam Kilimo ’14, and Caitlin Foley ’13 completed MLDP during the Spring of 2012, Fermin Liu Ku ’15 completed MLDP in Fall 2012, and Thabo Matse ’14, Celeste Winston ’14, and Todor Parushev ’15 are currently enrolled in MLDP.

Presenters Daniel Bornstein ’14 and Victoria Trump-Redd ’14 received Rockefeller Center Funding for internships in the Summer of 2011, and Aurelia Solomon ’13 was a Rockefeller Center-funded intern in the Winter of 2012.

Shloka Kini ’13 was a First-Year Fellow in 2010-2011, and completed MLDP in Winter 2011.

Be sure to stop by Kemeny/Haldeman on Monday and check out their presentations!