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Friday, June 15, 2012

Senior Profiles: Wills Begor '12

"The Rockefeller Center has given me the skills and confidence to take risks as a leader both on and off campus."

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of attending Dartmouth College.  My family has a summer home in Sunapee, NH, so I grew up visiting the Dartmouth campus.  I had ski races at the Dartmouth Skiway and watched Dartmouth football games with my grandfather, a Dartmouth ’53.  So, from an early age, I bled Dartmouth Green.  When it came time to apply to college, the decision was easy.  I applied early decision to Dartmouth and was fortunately accepted.

While the Rockefeller Center was not directly a factor in my decision to attend Dartmouth, I chose to attend Dartmouth because of the values that the Rockefeller Center, like many institutions on campus, embodies.  Dartmouth’s 12th President, John Sloan Dickey, once said, “the world’s troubles are your troubles.”  While the quote is often overused on campus, Dartmouth has actively embraced the nexus of rigorous academics and a commitment to lifelong service.  Institutions like the Rockefeller Center not only promote this mission of social action and civic engagement but also provide students with the leadership frameworks to take their passions and put them into practice.

During the spring of my junior year, I participated in the Management & Leadership Development Program (MLDP).  During this term-long program, the Rockefeller Center brought in weekly guest speakers to discuss issues of management and leadership theory, including communication skills, decision making, group facilitation, and strategic planning.  To my knowledge, the Rockefeller Center is the only places on campus where students are exposed to these leadership frameworks in a formal undergraduate setting.

As a continuation of my relationship with the Rockefeller Center, during my senior year, I joined the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF).  RLF is a senior fellowship that provides a small group of Dartmouth seniors an opportunity to explore leadership concepts, as well as to reflect back on their own leadership styles.  I learned an incredible amount about different leadership styles from both the guest speakers and the extraordinary seniors involved.  I improved my public speaking, learned about negotiation, and took time to reflect back on my four years at Dartmouth.

Overall, the Rockefeller Center has given me the skills and confidence to take risks as a leader both on and off campus.  While at Dartmouth, for example, I co-founded a student-run non-profit, Project RightChoice, which raised nearly $200,000 in its first two years of operation.  Without a doubt, the public speaking skills and leadership frameworks that I learned at the Rockefeller Center have made me both a better member and leader of Project RightChoice.

As a result of my undergraduate education at Dartmouth and my relationship with the Rockefeller Center, I am now leaving Dartmouth as an individual who remains committed to lifelong service, who continues to seek academic rigor, and who pledges a career to the understanding that the world’s troubles are my troubles and “there is nothing wrong with the world that better human beings cannot fix.”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Students Complete MLDP with Distinction

  Waritorn (Earth) Chariyawattanarut '14, Dengyang (Max) Liu '14, and Rose Song Wang ’14 completed MLDP with distinction in Spring 2012

Congratulations to the 29 students who have completed the Management and Leadership Program (MLDP) during the 2011-2012 academic year with distinction! 

MLDP participants who demonstrated a commitment to the development of their personal management and leadership skills by participating in multiple levels within the program are eligible to receive this honor.  Participants are highly encouraged to volunteer for leadership roles within the structure of the program and to connect ideas from other various events offered by the Rockefeller Center to the concepts covered in MLDP.  Additionally, participants deepen their understanding and develop a mindful pattern of behavior by intentionally incorporating the practical elements of MLDP into their everyday behavior, helping them to better navigate their current and future management and leadership roles.

For a complete list of names of students who completed MLDP this year with distinction, please visit our website

Congratulations once again to our program participants!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring 2012 MLDP Wraps Up its Term

On Tuesday, May 22, the Spring 2012 section of the Management and Leadership Development Program held its final session facilitated by Rockefeller staff and Dartmouth Professor Julie Kalish.

MLDP Spring 2012 Participants

Students participated in a small group ‘case study’ exercise in which they reviewed key concepts and skills learned throughout the term. Participants contributed to the ever-evolving program by crafting professionally formatted workplace memos that give feedback and serve as a general analysis of their experience. Program facilitators emphasized a sense of shared ownership over the program by encouraging students to identify opportunities for improvement.

Amber Porter ’14, a Theater major modified with Leadership, was the top point earner over the course of the program. Overall, 42 undergraduates completed the program this term. Ten completed with distinction. Congratulations to all who complete MLDP this term!

For more information on MLDP, please visit our website.