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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seneca International women's rights group seeks student chapter leaders, app due June 15th

Read the announcement below for an exciting leadership opportunity with Seneca International, a student-run women's rights organization based at the University of Pennsylvania.

Seneca International is an organization dedicated to promoting the international civil, economic, and human rights of women. As a student-founded, student-run campus network, we are based at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with the Philadelphia nonprofit Women’s Campaign International. We advocate for their programs in the field through awareness and fundraising campaigns, with the long-term goal of making equal rights a priority for the next generation of leadership.

We are currently accepting applications to establish chapters for our launch in the coming fall semester. We're looking for passionate student leaders from across the U.S. to serve as the presidents of select founding chapters. We encourage men to apply, as Seneca emphasizes the importance of male as well as female leadership.

Application form
Introduction - Seneca International